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Welcome to EPrognoX Tech!




From innovative concepts to the development of a complete product/vehicle and from concept to Homologation: As a leading development partner for the mobility of the future, we make your future mobility vision into reality.


We are a group of like-minded people providing innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to the global Automotive, Locomotive, Marine, Heavy engineering and Manufacturing industry. We will be playing a role as a development partner for the mobility of the future and offering industry leading technical and technological solutions. We offer a full suite of engineering services covering all the facets of Product development, CAE, Advanced material, Manufacturing guidance and Product Light-weighting. Product light-weighting is the one guarantees the improved efficiency and performance in output which also accompanied with cost-cut in the overall budget.



We are providing support for multiple Databases like MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQL server, PostgreSQL, Galera Cluster



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Key Services Offered :

Product Development

Industrial Design, Studio Engineering, Technical Design, CAD Engineering, Project Management

CAE – Virtual Simulation

Full vehicle crash simulation, Strength and Durability, CFD, Occupant safety, Rheology

Vehicle Engineering

Occupant Safety, Crashworthiness, Vehicle Architecture, Homologation, NCAP

Multi-Body Dynamics

Rigid body motion, Mechanisms and functional models, Reduced time for complex model data

Advanced Engineering

Light Weight engineering using composite materials like Carbon, Glass and Natural Fibre

Embedded and Software Systems

AUTOSAR, In-Vehicle Networks, Hardware and Software Design, Firmware development

Why we are?   Get a unique experience working with us!

Global Support and Experience

We are available where you need us and ready to support you globally

Trained Workforce

We train our employees with latest industry trends so they are lean and efficient

Competitive Pricing

We follow Lean design process, Flexible engagement model and Agile work culture

Ownership and Accountability

We take complete accountability and ownership of our projects

On Time Delivery

With our systematic approach and standardised design process we have a proven delivery record

Value added services

We will always support the customers for the best outcome of their product

Industries we work for


We leverage our deep domain knowledge and unparalleled technical expertise to engineer intelligent solutions and services that help our customers in the automotive industry become future-ready.

Our end-to-end capabilities, vast experience, product development DNA, and proven innovation track record make us the right partner for growth


Our experience extends across Rail Vehicles, Off road Vehicles, and Cargo ships.

With a profound understanding of end-user requirements, we relentlessly work on adding value to your products. Our passion for precision combined with our in-depth expertise, makes us a partner of choice for all your product development projects. We work with vehicle manufacturers to speed up the product development cycle, enhance cost-effectiveness and ensure a high quality product.


EPrognoX is a global engineering services company offering end-to-end engineering solutions in Defence industry product development.  We help our customers accelerate product development and innovation cycles, create alternate revenue streams, enhance consumer experience and make manufacturing processes, operations & supply chain more efficient. With our expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Enterprise and Product Engineering software, we support aero systems, avionics, airframes and cabin systems.

Oil and Gas

The world’s energy markets are rapidly expanding. We address the challenges of this multi-faceted, global industry with technological solutions that drive process, project, production and operations. We offer flexible design solutions at optimum cost with quick turnaround time to help our clients meet their business objectives consistently. Our designs comply with stringent global Oil and Gas regulatory standards and our quality solutions are tailored for ease of fabrication, taking into account various yard constraints. Our services in Oil & Gas engineering and project development companies comprehend the integral spectrum of Down-stream operations such as Refinery, Petrochemical and Oil pipelines, etc.