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Our Services

Always give more than your  engineering needs!

Concept Design and Development


New Concepts Design, Studio Engineering, Technical Design

CAD data generation, Project Management

CAE – Virtual Simulation

Strength and Durability,

Full Vehicle Crash, Occupant safety,

Rheology, CFD

Advanced Engineering


Light Weight engineering using composite materials like Carbon, Glass and Natural Fibre.

Multi-Body Simulation


Representing the Links, Joints and Mechanisms to build the functional MBD model to evaluate the dynamic functions and load calculations

Multi level Optimization


Topology, Topography, Composite Plies arrangement , etc

Volume, Mass, Cost Optimizations

Product Lift Cycle


Product Life cycle due to Fatigue load

Damage due to Cyclic load

Our capabilities in…


Automotive Seating


Automotive Interior


Other simulations

Dynamic Tests for Seating system

– Frontal Impact

– Rear Impact

– Cargo impact: With/Without Occupant – Acceleration forward (Sled)

– Acceleration rearward

Static Tests for Seating System

– Seat Belt Anchorages (SBA 207, 210 – ECE R14) – ADR Top Tether test

– Iso fix forward with tether

– Iso Fix Lateral

– Seat back deflection forward and rearward

– Knee Load study

Special Requirement test for Seating system

– Side Barrier Impact

– Head Impact Seat

– Drop Test

– Simple Pendulum Test

– Pendulum Impact with Head rest (ECR17) – Metal Forming for Seat

– Optimization for seat

– Tumble Forward and Rearward

– Cargo seat Floor Strength

Recliner Mechanism

– Forward Load Case

– Rearward Load Case

– Fixture Load case

Track Assembly

– Static load to study loading capacity

– Abuse Pull test

– 45 deg Pull Test for Maximum load capacity

– Motor Bridge study

Recliner Mechanism

– Forward Load case

– Rearward Load case

– Fixture Load case

Height Adjuster Mechanism

– Abuse Load case with different positions

Latch mechanism

– Strength analysis

– Strength analysis

Occupant Safety

– Head Impact ( FMVSS 201, ECE R21)

– Knee Impact (FMVSS 208)

– Side impact analysis


– Frontal Impact

– Rear Impact

– Side Impact

– Rollover

– Pedestrian Safety

Strength and Stiffness

– Structural Stiffness Analysis

– Strength analysis

– Abuse load analysis

Durability Simulation

– Structural analysis

– Vibration analysis

– Thermal Analysis


– Topology optimization

– Topography optimization

– Composite Ply arrangement optimization

– Volume optimization

– Mass optimization

– Cost optimization

Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

– Modal analysis

– Frequency Response analysis

– Random Response analysis


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

– External Aerodynamic

– Internal Fluid flow

– Co-efficient of drag reduction